Office of Institutional Inclusion

Purpose Statement

Institutional Inclusion has a functional responsibility to ensure institutional alignment by providing leadership, guidance, and resources around fostering a culture of equity, inclusion, and belonging. To this end, our programs and services are intended to support the strategic plan of the University, while enriching and growing the Carroll Community.


Office of Intercultural and Diversity Engagement

This office exists to educate and advocate for all cultures. Through intercultural programming, diversity initiatives and partnerships with off-campus agencies, the Office of Multicultural Education expands cultural literacy and enriches the development of every individual in the Carroll community.

University Council of Institutional Inclusion

This collective provides an equity-minded framework to intentionally address diversity, equity and inclusion on campus. The Council of Institutional Inclusion partners with several departments on campus to advocate for individuals through the lens of social justice, aligning with Carroll’s Strategic Plan.

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Campus Climate

Institutional Inclusion collaborates with departments across campus to instill a sense of belonging so that everyone feels seen, heard and welcome. Together, the Carroll community cultivates a climate of awareness, understanding and respect for all individuals and groups.  

Meet the Team

As Carroll's Vice President of Institutional Inclusion, Mohammed I.T. Bey works directly with the Office of Multicultural Education and other departments on campus to facilitate transformative learning through events and ongoing programming.

Student Organization

Students are an integral part of Institutional Inclusion. We collaborate with international, non-traditional and other Carroll students to understand their needs and enhance their experience on campus. Get involved today!  

Additional Resources

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